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How to play Teledisk games on a new OS


Way, way back in time, when floppy disks still existed and even were kind of popular (who can believe it), there existed a program named Teledisk. What it did was quite simple: take an image from a floppy disk, compress it and annotate it. This allows you to make perfect low-level copies of a disk and, for example, store these on your hard drive if you had such luxury. The image is just a file you can do with as you please. You could then copy the image back to a disk of the same size to have your disk back. However, as times evolved, we kind of quit using floppies, and Teledisk went the way of the dodo. But if you happen to have a game that is packed in a file with extension .TD0 or .TLD or something like that, you might want to play it again in these modern days. Here is a guide that might help you do it. It is not an easy guide since it features the command line (oh no) and you’ll need a bit of general computer knowledge to get it working. But that doesn’t scare us, does it?