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Altered Beast


A confession. I don’t particularly like beat ’em ups. The only way I can see myself playing one is if it would conform to somewhat modern standards: look and play fluid, be visceral, be challenging yet not frustrating. Well, I’m not sure I would like it that way, I never played a brawler that suits my tastes (but if you have suggestions the comments are all yours). Altered Beast doesn’t have any of these qualities, sadly, and thus isn’t really my favorite game. Sorry Sega, who published this game for DOS in 1990, porting it from their 1988 arcade game!

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Alien Breed


Slow on updates? Me? Naaaah…

Alien Breed is a 1993 top-down shooter game made by Team17. You know, the Worms people. Worms happens to be on a revival in my dorm, with the people around here using my PC to play it because apparently I’m the only one running XP and it doesn’t run on newer Windowses. Here I am, trying to write my master’s thesis with the sound of exploding worms in the background. And my dorm-mates are way too damn good at Worms. Did you know you can use weapons (in particular dynamite) while still hanging on the ninja rope, thus allowing you a quick getaway to safe ground? Yeah, neither did I. Anyway, Alien Breed…

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War of the Lance


Sorry for the radio silence, people. When you allow yourself a break, it’s hard to pick the work up again. But, back in business for now. Also, new banner, made by Anonymous1157. Thanks!

War of the Lance (labeled as “AD&D War of the Lance”) is a turn-based strategy game set in the AD&D universe of Dragonlance. I’m not familiar with the setting and I apologize to the fans for all the big mistakes I will make in this review. Feel free to correct me. The story goes kinda like this: evil country (Highlord) invades good countries (Whitestone). You are Whitestone, fight back. This being AD&D, there are some subtleties though. But that will require quite some space to explain. *clears throat*



ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing


I’m a little boxing game, short and stout

here is my face, please punch me on the snout.

When I get all roughed up hear me shout:

One, two, three, four… ten, knock-out!

Another boxing game, woe is me. ABC Wide World of Sport Boxing is part of a series of sport games associated with the American Broadcasting Company. According to MobyGames, most games in the series were released for Windows so I won’t review the series. Boxing was released in 1991.

Say hello to Dan Dierdorf!

Say hello to Dan Dierdorf!


10th Frame Bowling


In case you’re wondering why I went from games starting with “3D” to 007 to 10th Frame Bowling, which doesn’t seem all that alphabetical… Well, Windows sorts numbered files by full number. 3 < 7 < 10, etc. It’s a slight deviation from the list, but I’m sure you can handle it.

Now, bowling. 10th Frame Bowling was created by Access Software and released in 1987. I’m not really a bowling fan and I’m definitely not a computer bowling fan. Computer bowling is even more boring than badly executed computer boxing. It’s all reduced to: pick an angle, hit space bar at correct time to select speed, hit space bar at correct time to select spin. The very definition of lame. Mind you, this might be about the best you can do with a computer to simulate bowling. It’s not quite my cup of tea though.



4D Sports Boxing


Ah, now we’re getting somewhere. Boxing in four dimensions. That can only be better than the 3D attempt I previously reviewed. 4D Sports Boxing is a 1991 game published by Mindscape, one of those big publishers. And it shows, this game is made with love.



3D Helicopter Simulator


3D Helicopter Simulator is a game released in 1987 by Sierra. Whoah, Sierra, the Space Quest guys. Well, and a lot more, and also a helicopter simulator game I know now.

Intro text

Intro text