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ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing


I’m a little boxing game, short and stout

here is my face, please punch me on the snout.

When I get all roughed up hear me shout:

One, two, three, four… ten, knock-out!

Another boxing game, woe is me. ABC Wide World of Sport Boxing is part of a series of sport games associated with the American Broadcasting Company. According to MobyGames, most games in the series were released for Windows so I won’t review the series. Boxing was released in 1991.

Say hello to Dan Dierdorf!

Say hello to Dan Dierdorf!



4D Sports Boxing


Ah, now we’re getting somewhere. Boxing in four dimensions. That can only be better than the 3D attempt I previously reviewed. 4D Sports Boxing is a 1991 game published by Mindscape, one of those big publishers. And it shows, this game is made with love.



3D World Boxing


3D World Boxing is a boxing game by Simulmondo, apparently an Italian game creator. The game was released in 1995 1992 (I believe now).

Yes, the default option is 0 players.

Yes, the default option is 0 players.

It looks rather pretty with shiny EGA VGA (thanks Nameless One) graphics and beautiful sprites. Inbetween matches there are cutscenes of a reporter discussing the fight or your trainer talking to you. It looks pretty but there’s no real point to it. There is also some MIDI music in the background which actually is rather annoying. No further sounds than that though. There’s also no 3D going on, except there’s a bit of depth to the boxing ring perhaps. I suppose it was the time when 3D had that nice ring to it. (more…)