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Altered Beast


A confession. I don’t particularly like beat ’em ups. The only way I can see myself playing one is if it would conform to somewhat modern standards: look and play fluid, be visceral, be challenging yet not frustrating. Well, I’m not sure I would like it that way, I never played a brawler that suits my tastes (but if you have suggestions the comments are all yours). Altered Beast doesn’t have any of these qualities, sadly, and thus isn’t really my favorite game. Sorry Sega, who published this game for DOS in 1990, porting it from their 1988 arcade game!

Title screen



Alley Cat


Ah, Alley Cat. A classic in the collective memory. Many people remember this game, and it was also one of my early favorites. What’s not to like about the life of an alley tomcat, jumping on garbage bins, sneaking into houses to eat birds, fish and dog food, and trying to find a mate? We play the heroes we want to be. Forget Duke Nukem, Commander Shepard or Lara Croft. I want to be an alley cat. Alley Cat is a game by Bill Williams and published for PC in 1984 by IBM.

Title screen


Alien Syndrome


Another one of those games with “Alien” at the start of the title. Yay. Let’s see… Alien Syndrome is the oldest of the bunch, being originally released in 1987 as an arcade game and ported to various platforms and eventually also to DOS. It was developed by Sega (we all know those, don’t we), and the best part of the game is probably its catchphrase: “lurking about are the hideous creatures from outer space”.

Okay, perhaps the catchphrase comes second to the splash screen image


ALF: The First Game


ALF is a 1988 game about, well, ALF, the Alien Life Form TV series star. In this game, you have to guide ALF around the rather mazelike neighborhood, collecting various goodies and avoiding baddies. Pacman-with-a-license, basically.



Airlift Rescue


Airlift Rescue is a 1995 freeware remake of Choplifter, coded by David Fleming.


That’s almost all there is to say about it, really. If you don’t know Choplifter, it’s very easy. 64 people are being held hostage by someone non-USA. You have to rescue them with your helicopter. You shoot tanks, planes and, err, alienthings trying to kill you, you pick up the hostages and you drop them at the embassy. No score is being awarded for shooting enemies, only for rescuing the hostages. (more…)

007: License To Kill


I have a confession to make. I don’t know anything about Bond. I’ve seen one Bond movie (Thunderball, dubbed in French which I’m not really that good at so in fact that counts for only half a movie) and I have read one of Ian Fleming’s books (Goldfinger). So don’t ask me to provide you with much background on Bond.

Our secret spy, always trying to avoid being noticed

The secret spy, always trying to avoid being noticed