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The Amazing Spider-man





Ancient Empires


Ancient Empires is game by a company named “The Learning Company”. It’s also an educational platformer game. This does not bode well. There is a redeeming quality however: the educational parts are fairly light, there’s definitely a game to be found inside it. A somewhat mediocre platform/logic game, that’s true, but it’s still a game. Ancient Empires was published in 1990. The game is mainly about ancient empires. Who would have guessed.


Alien Poker


It’s hard to find additional information on Alien Poker on the internet. The whole thing only tells me about a pinball game also called Alien Poker. Strange, because the game I’m playing looks a lot like poker with aliens, not pinball. Oh well. Alien Poker is a 1993 game by JD Software. It’s a decent five-card draw poker game. With aliens. According to the story, you’re one of the few people who know there’s a bar on the dark side of the moon where aliens often gather to play poker. Let’s take a look!

And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too...


ALF: The First Game


ALF is a 1988 game about, well, ALF, the Alien Life Form TV series star. In this game, you have to guide ALF around the rather mazelike neighborhood, collecting various goodies and avoiding baddies. Pacman-with-a-license, basically.



Air Bucks


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Air Bucks is a 1992 air company management simulator, developed by Impressions and distributed by Sierra. Impressions is probably known best for the Caesar series of, well, ancient city management simulation. You know, the ones with all the fire. But we’re not here for Caesar – that’s for a later post.

Just in case you also had a fluid dynamics exam lately: planes that take off leave behind a starting vortex, and flying planes shed trailing vortices. More info on Wikipedia.

Just in case you also had a fluid dynamics exam recently: remember planes that take off leave behind a starting vortex and flying planes shed trailing vortices both because of Helmholtz's theorems. More info on Wikipedia.


007: License To Kill


I have a confession to make. I don’t know anything about Bond. I’ve seen one Bond movie (Thunderball, dubbed in French which I’m not really that good at so in fact that counts for only half a movie) and I have read one of Ian Fleming’s books (Goldfinger). So don’t ask me to provide you with much background on Bond.

Our secret spy, always trying to avoid being noticed

The secret spy, always trying to avoid being noticed


3D Helicopter Simulator


3D Helicopter Simulator is a game released in 1987 by Sierra. Whoah, Sierra, the Space Quest guys. Well, and a lot more, and also a helicopter simulator game I know now.

Intro text

Intro text