What’s all this about then? One day I discovered an archive of many, many old computer games. 893 of them to be exact. Eight hundred and ninety three games, most if not all of them from the 8 – 16 bit era. I wondered if there would be anyone in the world who would ever have played all those games.

And then it was only a small leap to this blog.

My intention is to play each of these games for a few hours. The bad ones a bit less, the good ones longer. I’m sorry I’m not playing your favorite game ever until the end, but there are 893 games here, you do the math. When I think I know the general feeling of the game, I write my experiences in the form of a little review on the blog.

I play with the background of a gamer with 10+ years of experience, trying to both see the games in their original context and where applicable compare them to current game trends, commercial and indie.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Tam Toucan Says:

    Superb! Good luck with this!!

  2. PeeJay Says:

    A quick look through the list has revealed a few real gems, and countless chunks of diatribe! Best of luck in working your way through them all!

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