Alter Ego: Female

I need points for that Humble Indie Bundle, quickly. Also Steam holiday sale… Argh.

The female version of Alter Ego is very much like the male version. The two versions differ only in text, with about three-quarters of the events unchanged or only changed slightly. That leaves a bunch of new content though, ready to be discovered… But because I don’t want to spoil everything, this might be a somewhat short review.

Let's find out!

Since the Internet provides ample proof of the fact that girls are evil, and since I already did an evil male version, let’s see the good female version! Childhood passes quickly without remarkable events. Well, almost…

A little mistake...

I'm so impressed in a girly way.

I have a relationship with one Jim from the age of 16 to 26, but on the big wedding day he decides to stay at home. Psah, men. I start focusing on my natural sciences high school education more. This of course comes with the much-required parties!

The decisions a girl faces...

A few more relations that break because of various reasons (the pig cheating on me, me posing for a semi-nude calendar, …) Dammit men, I want babies! I try desperately to woo the men, I make lots of money, I am smart and cute and creative and *everything* but nothing works. Despite being engaged three times, I never get wed and thus the game prevents me from having children. All men are bastards. It shows this game is written by a man. Hell, I even die while shopping at the age of 69. 69 for God’s sake. Sexist pig.

Still, not a bad way to go I guess

I guess it would be wrong for me not to award this game the same score as the male version: 9/10.


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