Alien Poker

It’s hard to find additional information on Alien Poker on the internet. The whole thing only tells me about a pinball game also called Alien Poker. Strange, because the game I’m playing looks a lot like poker with aliens, not pinball. Oh well. Alien Poker is a 1993 game by JD Software. It’s a decent five-card draw poker game. With aliens. According to the story, you’re one of the few people who know there’s a bar on the dark side of the moon where aliens often gather to play poker. Let’s take a look!

And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too...

There are 5 different opponents in the game. They each have a slightly different playing style, but I still think they’re all pushovers. Pfah. Aliens shouldn’t play poker.

Must... Resist... Penile... Joke...

I’ll not write for too long, because frankly, there’s not much to say about five-card draw. I have to remark that it’s strange how poker draws you in. You start playing for fun, but it’s turning competitive fast. Weird how quickly you start judging your opponents and their betting strategy, and how you start trying to exploit it. While in general I’m not too fond of poker, I found this game to be rather enjoyable. Perhaps because it let me win or something.


And the reaction of the game on the above showdown

One of the appeals of this game, as you can see in the screenshot above, is the writing. The descriptions of your opponents and their reactions when they win or lose are definitely fun to read. However, that’s basically the main attraction point of the game. If you’re a poker fan this game might keep your attention for a while, otherwise it’s fun to play a few times but it gets old rather quickly. 6/10 and some more of the writing as outtakes.



Of course it's insubstantial. It's game money. Sillypants.


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One Response to “Alien Poker”

  1. E_net4 Says:

    Yay, it’s alive!

    And that’s a pretty nice game.

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