ALF World of Words

Oh Lord. Get me out of here. Oh God oh God oh God.

An educational game.

And sadly not an adult/educational game. (I’m so subtle with showing off what I like, am I not?)

Oh well. Have to do this I guess, there will be worse things along the way. Take a deep breath for…

ALF World of Words! Released in 1988 in an attempt to make an alien teach kids some English. Sure, makes perfect sense.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

The game consists of 3 mini-games that each try to explain and test some part of the English language. The package is held together by a batch file that refuses to work, but the games can be easily started separately. So, let’s take a look at those mini-games!

Feeling transconformary today?

Feeling transconformary today?

The first game teaches pre- and suffixes. A stem word is given and you have to select prefix, suffix or both. Trivial stuff. Always nice to come up with the most outlandish combination possible but ALF doesn’t seem to think it’s funny and will mercilessly correct you. This alien reminds me of my teachers back in the days. Being naked and furry. I don’t want to talk about it.

Seriously, with insertion sort?

Seriously, with insertion sort?

The next game is called “Alf-a-betical order” (Hi -wait for it- larious!) and has you sorting lists in alphabetical order. I suppose it’s an important skill to have now that we have computers that do it about 17 megazillion times faster than you ever could. Nah, it really is important to know your alphabet but this is really, really mindcrushingly boring.

A game without battlebugs is a game not worth playing

A game without battlebugs is a game not worth playing

The last game lets you form compound words from their parts. This, however, is a lot more tricky than it seems. It might be because English is not my mother tongue but I made quite some mistakes when trying this. Who knew that “stagewriter” is actually wrong, it’s not a compound word but written as “stage writer”? Stupid educational game that manages to teach me something…

Err, yeah. Score. Hmm. For what it is, it works fairly well, but I cannot imagine any normal person (even a 6 year old) playing this for longer than a few minutes.  3/10


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  1. E_net4 Says:

    I lol’d. *insert awesome smiley here*

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