Airlift Rescue

Airlift Rescue is a 1995 freeware remake of Choplifter, coded by David Fleming.


That’s almost all there is to say about it, really. If you don’t know Choplifter, it’s very easy. 64 people are being held hostage by someone non-USA. You have to rescue them with your helicopter. You shoot tanks, planes and, err, alienthings trying to kill you, you pick up the hostages and you drop them at the embassy. No score is being awarded for shooting enemies, only for rescuing the hostages.

That's about the heaviest action you'll see

That's about the heaviest action you'll see

It’s fun for a while. Not for too long. The graphics are not too bad but rather static, the sound effects are awful but the music is kinda good. There is a classical tune in the pause menu, one of those things you know very well but just can’t name. Or that’s how it always goes for me anyway. Someone know the name?

Can you do better?

Can you do better?

Apparently there’s a reward if you manage to finish with all 64 hostages rescued. Free beer for the first one to reach this reward and send me a screenshot of it. I guess you’ll need to have something stronger around though to calm your nerves because not getting any hostage killed needs a bit of skill and a lot of luck.

This game mostly seems stuck in the arcade period and I don’t see how you’d want to play it for more than 30 minutes. Unless you’re one of those OCD types of people. When did you last wash your hands? 3/10


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One Response to “Airlift Rescue”

  1. E_net4 Says:

    Speaking of washing your hands… watch out for swine flu!
    I’ll play that!

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