Ace Of Aces

Ace of Aces is a combat flight simulator published by Accolade in 1986. That makes it the same age as me, but I believe I’ve aged a lot better, thank you very much. The game was released for many platforms, so even if you were not a dossie you might recognize it.


The game starts with two choices, training or mission. In training mode, you can practice one of the three basic encounters: dogfights, train bombardment or U-boat bombardment. In mission mode, you select the opponents you want to encounter, after which a mission is generated that meets the criteria.

Mission selection

Mission selection

Flying around is rather simple. The arrow keys are used to control roll and pitch. You shoot with space. Very arcade-like. On other views, you can use the flaps, lower the landing gear (for speed reduction) and even extinguish engine fires, but all this is rather fiddly and doesn’t really yield big advantages. You can also check the map to find your objectives, but those are also marked on your radar.

Obviously, the enemy shoots back

Obviously, the enemy shoots back

A last screen shows your bombing bay and weapons stock. You can see the ammo you have left here and switch between gunfire and rockets for the main cockpit view. But there’s more fun, you can bomb trains and U-boats from here. The trains are actually transporting prisoners of war, so you only want to bomb the corrects cars and the engine. If you bomb a car that holds POWs, you are deducted points (oh no!)

Bombs away!

Bombs away!

All in all, I guess it might have been fun back in the day. Now, I’m utterly unimpressed, sorry. Not entirely sure why, but it’s just not fun. 4/10.



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