What? PowerShooter? With a P? Yes, this was innocently hiding in a folder named “1941”, but obviously, it’s anything but 1941. It’s PowerShooter. Screenshot proof.

Not 1941

Not 1941

I don’t think 1941 was ever released on PC anyway. Powershooter is your basic topdown shoot ’em up, featuring enemy airplanes, bullets, rockets, powerups, boats, turrets and, quite original, volcanoes.

Still not 1941

Still not 1941. Has hot lava though.

As far as I can tell, this is a freeware game. It was coded by Jay Kramer and I have absolutely no certainty about the release date, but since the files are dated 1993 I will go by that. Not much to be said about this, it’s a mediocre vertical scrolling shoot ’em up and there are better ones around. Most of the game is really easy, but then there is a real unfair bit that I tried at least 10 times but didn’t manage to clear. A beer (real Belgian beer!) for the first one who can provide me a screenshot of the endboss. 4/10.



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