10th Frame Bowling

In case you’re wondering why I went from games starting with “3D” to 007 to 10th Frame Bowling, which doesn’t seem all that alphabetical… Well, Windows sorts numbered files by full number. 3 < 7 < 10, etc. It’s a slight deviation from the list, but I’m sure you can handle it.

Now, bowling. 10th Frame Bowling was created by Access Software and released in 1987. I’m not really a bowling fan and I’m definitely not a computer bowling fan. Computer bowling is even more boring than badly executed computer boxing. It’s all reduced to: pick an angle, hit space bar at correct time to select speed, hit space bar at correct time to select spin. The very definition of lame. Mind you, this might be about the best you can do with a computer to simulate bowling. It’s not quite my cup of tea though.


Oddly enough, I’m carrying my Wii Bowling curse over to this game. When I throw the ball, it has the tendency to curve off to the left side of the lane. I have no idea how it happens in Wii Bowling. Here it might have something to do with the timing of selecting the spin on the ball, but really. I am cursed and I vow to avoid bowling games like hell from now on.


Spare! This is demo mode, by the way.

This was probably a good game in its genre and I’m somewhat sorry to give it bad marks, but I really can see no appeal in this game. These days there are probably 10 bazillion Flash games on the internet that do the same but better. 3/10.


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One Response to “10th Frame Bowling”

  1. Oliver Says:


    I love the idea behind your blog and I enjoyed the first eight reviews.

    Keep it coming!

    All the best,

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