4D Sports Boxing

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere. Boxing in four dimensions. That can only be better than the 3D attempt I previously reviewed. 4D Sports Boxing is a 1991 game published by Mindscape, one of those big publishers. And it shows, this game is made with love.


The first thing that I note is that the game has mouse support. Woo, mouse support! It’s only for the menu’s though, which are so simple you really don’t need the mouse. Still, it’s a nice touch. After that, my eye falls on the demo mode. This is not just a match with the 2 players controlled by the computer, it’s a full-blown visual sales pitch and it’s rather impressive.

Demo mode

Demo mode

And it’s true. This thing is 4D. You can select the viewpoint, either from a few preset cameras, a lot of variations on those, or even from the eyes of the boxers themselves. Creepily enough, you can watch from the eyes of your opponent and see how you are beating him from his very own eyes. As for the fourth dimension, you can watch a replay of the current match at any time during the match. You can even slow down the replay and switch camera viewpoint to show that vicious combination in the best possible way (read: from your opponent’s eyes).

The very first FPB ever?

The very first FPB ever?

Boxing itself is a lot of fun. Animations are fluid, different moves are possible by combining direction keys and the action key, there are various statistics to keep track of during fights and it’s all very smooth to control.

Boom! Bang! Kapow!

Boom! Bang! Kapow! KO!

Another part of the game is the tournament mode. You can create your own boxer and the goal is to become the big champion in your league. Boxers have various stats however, with the later boxers obviously having better stats. To offset this you can hit the gym between boxing matches, and you can even select how to work out to choose the improvement of your own statistics.

Fancy (if slightly silly) skipping animation included

Fancy (if slightly silly) skipping animation included

A multiplayer mode is also available for those that secretly want to punch their friends but can’t find the balls to do it for real. I’m not sure it needs repeating, but let me do it anyway. This game is good. It is polished, it has style, it is fun. Heck, even the music is catchy. The only problem I can think of is that I actually hate sports games so I won’t stick long with it, but if you like boxing games, this one might just be one of the best (of the oldies) around. A solid 9 out of 10.


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One Response to “4D Sports Boxing”

  1. E_net4 Says:

    I liked playing this game some years ago. The only problem is our boxer’s age in Tournament mode. Eventually, our boxer will grow old, and then retire, which means you have a limited number of fights before reaching number one, which I haven’t managed to.

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