3D World Tennis

3D World Tennis? That sounds a bit like.. Hmm.. 3D World Boxing, doesn’t it? It comes from the same team, Simulmondo, and seems to be released at about the same time in 1992.

Spot the differences!

Spot the differences!

All joking aside, the game plays a lot better than the boxing game. Controls are responsive, the menus makes sense and there’s no pointless cutscenes. No cute girls, though. Arrow keys control movement while this time the space bar serves as action button. You select forehand or backhand by holding the correct direction key while holding the space bar. When you release the space bar, the swing is executed. Of course, timing is very important to actually hit the ball. This control scheme doesn’t quite match Wii Tennis in simplicity, but it isn’t far off.

The tennis world can't survive without advertising, it seems.

The tennis world can't survive without advertising, it seems.

The game features single matches and a selection of well-known tournaments like Wimbledon and Roland Garros, implemented with (I presume) the correct court type. A tournament consists of a whole load of matches in a knock-out fasion, so many that the full roster can’t be displayed on one screen and needs scrolling.

Oooh! Prizes!

Oooh! Prizes!

Animations are fluid and the court is even displayed in a real 3D way. The view actually tilts to give you a good overview of the opposing side when you get closer to the net. It’s all very nice to see.

Finally! 3D!

Look! A good attempt at faked 3D! I am pleased.

This is a pretty good game, really. It is a huge improvement in playability over 3D World Boxing and might actually be somewhat entertaining and challenging for those with even more time to waste than me. 7 out of 10, if only because I wanted to include another 20 screenshots into this review.


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