3D Pitfall

3D Pitfall is a 1995 game by J. Shramko. I heard about the Atari game “Pitfall” before, so before starting I wondered if I’d get some sort of fiendishly difficult 3D platformer here.

Fancy title screen

Fancy title screen

Well, my hopes were rather quickly smashed. This game is not quite related to Pitfall. It’s a 3D Tetris game. I’ve played a fair bit of Blockout (also to be reviewed on the site, around number 100 in the queue) and this looks very, very alike. I think it has a higher resolution, but this actually does not help the game as the rotation animations aren’t nearly as smooth as I remember them from Blockout. Also, it’s made 5 years later.

Clearing a... line? level? flock'o'blocks?

Clearing a... line? level? flock'o'blocks?

Well, not much to be said here, it’s 3D tetris. It seems to work well, but I didn’t really play a lot of it. No sound, unfortunately. Personally, I’d rather play Blockout, but that might be pure nostalgia and I might change this review once I get to Blockout. 4 out of 10 for being playable without noticable bugs, while giving me the impression I could do it myself in two weeks (with modern tools of course).


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One Response to “3D Pitfall”

  1. Joe Larson Says:

    I played a version of this called “weltris” and was amazed at how natural it became after a few minute to rotate the blocks along 3 axis with 6 keys.

    Come to think of it, a sega controller would work pretty well for this.

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